Interested in Spanish Classes?

Spanish Classes

The 8-week courses are once a week, 45-minute live introduction to Spanish.

If you have taken the first 8 weeks of Spanish with me, you may be interested in continuing with Beginner 2, learning more useful phrases and vocabulary for your travels. Please contact me directly if you are interested in this option.

8 weeks, $139 via eTransfer to to confirm your spot.

Our next course starts February 10, 9:00-9:45am.

Course Outlines

  • 1 Pronunciation, greetings
  • 2 Pronouns, Ser (to be)
  • 3 Travel words, Ir (to go)
  • 4 Feelings, Estar (to be), Querer (to want)
  • 5 Where? Who? Tener (to have)
  • 6 How? When? Why? Gustarse (to like)
  • 7 Numbers, days, months, Hacer (to do, to make)
  • 8 Food, Comer (to eat), Poder (to be able to)


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