Interested in Spanish Classes?

Spanish Classes

The 8-week courses are once a week, 45-minute live remote lessons.

Beginner Spanish is an 8-week introduction to Spanish.

If you have taken the first 8 weeks of Spanish with me, you may be interested in continuing with Beginner 2, learning more useful phrases and vocabulary for your travels.

8 weeks, $139 via eTransfer to to confirm your spot.

Call the shop to see when the next course begins.

Course Outlines

  • 1 Pronunciation, greetings
  • 2 Pronouns, Ser (to be)
  • 3 Travel words, Ir (to go)
  • 4 Feelings, Estar (to be), Querer (to want)
  • 5 Where? Who? Tener (to have)
  • 6 How? When? Why? Gustarse (to like)
  • 7 Numbers, days, months, Hacer (to do, to make)
  • 8 Food, Comer (to eat), Poder (to be able to)


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